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Delegate and Scale

Are your daily operations plagued by the roadblocks of busywork?
Learn how to:

  • Remove the roadblock of busywork
  • Dramatically reduce your cost of delivery
  • Unlock unstoppable business growth

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The crucial ‘missing step’ that paralyzes businesses when trying to scale

The delegation playbook that works for your business and gets teams aligned working efficiently and communicating effectively.

How to remove the roadblocks that paralyze progress on teams and create the accountability structure that consistently produces results.

Meet Your Coach
Jean Patrick

Jean oversees operations as the CEO of ScaleUp Edge. She brings a breadth of knowledge from a variety of industries to build, scale and transform organizations. She is known as a goal-driven leader who is not afraid to take on hard initiatives, with proven success developing business strategies to drive growth and streamline processes. She leverages her extensive experience in strategy, and operations to transform under performing or failing businesses into profitable performers, accelerating automation and leading through significant change from startup to repeatable and scalable organizations.

Meet Your Coach
Barbara Turley

Barbara is an investor and entrepreneur with a keen interest in scalable business models, systems, processes and automation, content marketing and the power of inspired and empowered teams. During her 15 year financial markets career she was a trader for some of the world’s largest investment banks, successfully traded her own money, managed relationships with some of Australia’s largest wealth management businesses and became an early stage investor in a number of very successful, disruptive financial services companies.
Today she is an investor, entrepreneur and Founder & CEO of The Virtual Hub – a business she started by accident that exploded in the space of 12 months to become one of the leading companies that recruits, trains and manages virtual assistants in the digital marketing and social media space for businesses who need to free up time and energy so they can go to the next level.

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This workshop is designed specially for the busy executive. We know your time is crucial and should be spent on tackling big rocks, not daily operational activities.