Financial Intelligence and Why it Needs to be apart of your Strategy


“Financial Intelligence” is our go to recommendation to date for any product leader on any team.


It covers the basics of financial concepts that ALL leaders should know. To learn more about the book and purchase one click here.

While the book is amazing, it lacks depth in SaaS and ScaleUp stage financial intelligence, this is where ScaleUp Edge comes in.

We have identified a key gap in the formal financial training for many ScaleUp Executives. This lack of ability to understand and comfortably communicate with the finance forces can cause one to hit a wall in their career, especially in ScaleUp where a C-Suite needs to fill vast gaps.

Great leaders bridge the gap in communication with all stakeholders. At ScaleUp Edge, we don’t want you to have to struggle with this.

What are we going to do to help?

Remember that pesky Networking word?

Well that’s exactly what we’re going to do to help. Reach out to our Network.

Who is in our network that can help? Experts like Kevin Broom and Shelley Perry.

Both are high-growth ScaleUp experts with over 20 years of experience in financial strategy. Utilizing the combination of their vast wealth of knowledge, we have put together the first of its kind Bootcamp, Turn Product Speak Into Financial C-Suite Speak

This bootcamp, like many others to follow, is dedicated to give ScaleUp Executives the frameworks they need to shorten their path to success.

In the aftermath of COVID, the ScaleUp Playbook is changing for organizations. We are dedicated to help individuals and organizations: revitalize growth and optimization, evaluate and build formidable strategies and add value to the C-Suite ScaleUp ecosystem.

The ScaleUp stage of growth requires deep expertise of functional leadership. Cross-functional collaboration is the key to unlock success.

Do find that you’re asking yourself what actions you can take to prepare for 2021 and beyond?

Look no further, ScaleUp Edge is here to help you.

We can’t wait to show you more of what we’re working on.

Join ScaleUp Edge Now!

Access a platform and ecosystem to help drive you to that next step, successfully.

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