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Who is ScaleUp Edge for?

ScaleUp Edge is the platform and ecosystem for StartUp Founders and Executives looking to take their business through the rapid growth, scaling phase and also for Executives not only looking to make their next career move into C-Suite, but also making the move a success.

Only 1.07% of startups successfully scale, let's make sure you're one of them.

Who Should Join ScaleUp Edge?

ScaleUp Edge’s courses are specifically designed for companies who have already achieved product-market fit.  Despite the profitability that comes with product-market fit, a company faces new growth-related challenges. ScaleUp Edge is here to guide companies towards expansion, reaching a wider addressable market, preparing for the board, making great next hires, and positioning your company in a way that appeals to investors. Whether you are early stage (top-line growth focused), middle stage (market expansion focused), or late-stage (investor-ready) our ecosystem of courses, frameworks, and mentors have proven successful for many business leaders who want to move their business forward.


Rapid Growth, Faster

Deliver rapid growth even faster using the ScaleUp Edge Platform, our content and network of experienced mentors will:

  • Access exclusive market-proven strategies and content to make your rapid growth phase move successful.
  • Get access to scaleup experts who will assist you in planning and execution during your strategic growth phase.
  • Access a community of executives to ensure you can fill any knowledge and expertise gaps rapidly.

Increase Your Sphere of Influence

Increase your network and sphere of influence and become an executive influencer using the ScaleUp Edge Platform, our content and network of experienced mentors will:
  • Show you how to increase your exposure in a way that will drive business growth.
  • Connect you with industry experts who will mentor you through territory that is new to you.
  • Help you start building a stronger network and become an executive influencer.

Land That C-Suite Role

Make that next move into the C-Suite using the ScaleUp Edge Platform, our content and network of experienced mentors will:

  • Prepare you to interview at the executive level.
  • Help you excel at your new role and avoid unexpected issues.
  •  Provide resources to help you deliver in new situations, such as board meetings or financial planning sessions.

Solve Your People Puzzle

Make sure you hire the right people, at the right time using the ScaleUp Edge Platform, our content and network of experienced mentors will:

  • Use a data-drive approach to help you identify where your C-Suite strengths and weaknesses lie.
  • Help you identify the next hire(s) you should make.
  • Help avoid damaging growth by hiring the wrong set of skills.

Score That Investment Goal

Scoring that investment goal becomes far more achievable using the ScaleUp Edge Platform, our content and network of experienced mentors will:

  • Help build a pitch deck that focuses on what matters to investors.
  • Help you understand the team/titles that investors want to see.
  • Dive deep into your company’s projections to prepare you for challenging questions that an investor may ask during your presentation.

Why Join ScaleUp Edge?

The ScaleUp Edge platform helps businesses and executives successfully complete the rapid growth phase, or scaling phase, through their ecosystem by connecting members with relevant industry experts who “have been there”, a community who can help share their experiences and on-demand proven content to help guide businesses at any time.


Use the platform to access a wealth of content, on demand, at any time to better help you determine your best next steps to scaling your company to the next level.


Leverage the ScaleUp Edge ecosystem to help get further insight into the content from executives who have gone thorugh the scaleup process.


Partner with a mentor that offers industry-specific guidance and provides the critical input you need to undertake rapid growth.


What they say about us?

ScaleUp Edge has helped executives and startup leaders with their growth. Read what past clients has to say about our services. 

"The ScaleUp Edge HpX Executive Membership helped me to amplify my executive brand and influence that resulted in a high rate of inbound interest for unadvertised CPO Roles. It helped me to sharpen critical C-Level skills relevant to the ScaleUp Stage not available elsewhere. I strongly recommend this to anyone looking to break into their first C-Suite role in a ScaleUp Stage Company."​
Lauria Marino
Chief Product Officer
"I was looking for a platform to share my experience that would have greater scale than 1:1 Coaching. I also have the ability to interact first hand with ScaleUp Executives when they have specific questions in a way that works for my own and others styles. The interactions allow me to make network connections with confidence, as I know they will utilize the network connection in a way that is beneficial to both parties."
Shelley Perry
Investor, Advisor
"The ScaleUp Edge community is full of ScaleUp experts from various industries and geographies that were willing to answer any questions I had. It was especially helpful to me as I prepared to interview for new roles in ScaleUp Companies, an emerging stage of business in the UK. With their support, guidance and responsiveness, I landed my next great role to continue my journey in the scaleup world and find my edge."
Chris Bond
Head of Operations / Assistant COO
"The power of the network really came through in times of crisis like Covid. A connection begets a connection, so it is literally a network effect. I have seen that in action so many times."
Niti Bashambu
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