What is a ScaleUp Exec Influencer?

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Scaleup Exec Influencer

What is an Exec Influencer?

An Executive influencer is someone who holds an executive role in a company and is not selling consulting or other services.   The Exec Influencer is a thought leader in specific areas of expertise that transcends the executive’s current title, role, or company.

An Exec Influencer has a following and actively engages with their network as they understand the value of sharing helpful content to cultivating a strong network.

  • An Exec Influencer has the power to affect the career decisions of others by sharing specialized knowledge and network introductions
  • An Exec Influencer develops a following and consistently shares relevant information on their area of expertise


Exec Influencers walk the talk, they are active in the field or role they have expertise in.  They freely share deep content, time, and mentorship to those that are interested in the area of expertise.

Exec Influencers are highly sought after executives and never have to do job searches, they receive inbound requests on a frequent basis. Exec Influencers help to recruit and retain a talented employee base.    Exec Influencers help others to rise with them.   Become an Exec Influencer.

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