What Happens After Product Market Fit?


Though your business may have product-market fit, and is profitable, capital alone is not enough to help companies scale successfully. Companies that are looking to scale, or a ScaleUp company, tend to fail due to a lack of expertise  on how to systematically grow at speed. Once your company has product-market fit, taking steps to scaling your company must be intentional. When done well your actions will quickly move your business forward in a way that appeals to your board, potential investors, and new hires.

It takes expertise, network and repeatable best practices to help companies scale successfully and this is what the ScaleUp Edge ecosystem platform is here to resolve.

How Hard Is It To Move From Product-Market Fit To Investor Funding?

When companies seek to expand their total addressable market they may experience slower than expected growth because unexpected challenges hinder plans. For example, if your leadership team has never presented to a board of directors or board of advisors, then there may be tarnished relations; which may take years to repair. 

Similarly, you will not want to rush into investor meetings without proper preparation because you may only have one chance with certain investors.

The good news is that the ScaleUp Edge ecosystem is brimming with vetted content that will prepare your business leaders for board and investor relations. Additionally, our members are paired with mentors who have already “been there;” which will lower the risk of unexpected and time consuming setbacks that cause many businesses to fail.

How Can ScaleUp Edge Help Grow A Business Who Already Has Product Market Fit?

Through our ecosystem, ScaleUp Edge can provide access to content to help build repeatable best practices, Network and Expertise to overcome these challenges and create the most amount of impact through the least amount of effort for your company.

At ScaleUp Edge, our content and platform will:

  • Find a mentor who has already “been there”.
  • Help you plan for growth strategically.
  • Give you vetted frameworks that will make board meetings efficient.
  • Understand who is the RIGHT hire/title as you grow your business quickly.
ScaleUp Tip

Capital alone is not what makes a company fail; lack of expertise on how to systematically grow at speed is typical cause of failure.

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