The ScaleUp Playbook


ScaleUp Playbook

The ScaleUp Playbook is not the same as the startup playbook and it’s not the same as a scaled enterprise playbook.  The ScaleUp Stage is Unique.  See ‘What is a ScaleUp’ for additional details.

The ScaleUp Playbook should be unique for every ScaleUp to create sustained high-growth and profit.

The challenge for every ScaleUp C-Suite is to define the Playbook as they go and learn to adapt quickly while executing against a strategy that will achieve the vision.  The ScaleUp Playbook is dynamic and it evolves as your company scales.

The four core elements of a ScaleUp Playbook are:

  1. A Documented and Communicated Vision
  2. A Strategy that clearly maps a path to achieve the Vision 
  3. Clear Financial Targets that are shared by all Stakeholders 
  4. A foundation of data-driven operations to map progress and maintain the strategy ‘real-time’ 
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