The Keys to Driving Customer Success as a Revenue Strategy


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No matter what era we live in, one thing rings true.

Knowledge is power.

We endeavor to discover and bring forth any and all knowledge that we believe can be pivotal to any individual or organization.

In a recent webinar with SaaS leader and customer retention guru, Lynn Tsoflias, we discovered that there is often untapped value in a strong customer-led strategy.

Many organizations, especially in the startup and ScaleUp phase, under utilize the power of customer success as a way to unlock product-fit and reach their revenue goals.

For more about the ScaleUp stage of growth – What is ScaleUp and a good follow up is The 3 Phase of ScaleUp and Why it Matters

In this webinar, Lynn drove home the importance of optimizing your customer success strategy, starting with the onboarding experience.

“It has to be a positive experience, not only positive, but wow them.” – Lynn Tsoflias 

Our 3 key takeaways:

Focus on the customer first

What happens the moment the customer starts to pay and how is your team delivering on the experience. Identify when your customers see the value in your product – the ‘aha’/‘wow’ moment.

Establish a customer and product team partnership

If you look at why your customers churn, you’ll likely see a theme that they have not adopted the solution, the features are not delivering to the value they were sold, or perhaps it wasn’t the right fit from the start.

It’s a team sport

Customer success needs to be part of a company’s DNA. It should not be owned by only one particular team/role. Each person needs to understand the role they play in making the customers’ experiences better.

In conclusion –

Adopting a customer-led playbook early on is a must.

Want to learn how to leverage customer success alongside product to find dues towards realizing product-fit and meet your existing customer needs while realizing a future TAM? Both of which are pivotal to increasing revenue growth.
Join the Customer Success Workshop on May 13, 2021, from 1 -3 pm for a knowledge-rich, collaborative discussion.

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