Year over Year Summary Financials

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This is the first step in establishing your baseline. This template will help you pull together your financials of what we call “the investor view”. Using the detailed data, you will be able to pull together a summary of your business ‘as is’ with no biases. the primary purse of this step is to ensure the data aligns within different parts of the organization. If the data collected from multiple systems foots to the high level, it is safe to use the data for your analytics. By taking an ‘investor view’ on the financials it will accelerate strategic conversations.
What You Get
  • It will provide you a jump start on establishing your business baseline.
  • It will help accelerate strategic conversations rather than spending additional time ‘looking’ for the data and determining data accuracy.
  • The intent is not for reclassing financials but rather create a baseline of your existing financials for data driven analysis.

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