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You’ve likely seen video content on some social media platform or another. You have thought to yourself, I can do that, I can start a Vlog.

You start thinking – wait how did they do that? They make it look so easy and then all of a sudden you are immobilized with where to get started.

Don’t overthink it – just start. We are here to help.

To get you started, we are going to share some tips on how and what to use.

Get yourself a microphone (because if nothing else, sound is most important)

  1. Low end – Talk GO USB Microphone
  2. High end – Rode Wireless GO

Look into these 4K Webcams

  1. High end – Logitech Brio
  2. Low End – Razer Kiyo
  3. Have a smartphone? The good news is, the latest versions of the iPhone and iPads outward facing cameras are 4k.

Consider a Tripod that’s easy to move around with

  1. Adjustable 62” Phone Tripod Accessory Kit

Lighting matters – especially if you have a white background **Pro tip – white walls and background require additional lighting to look great – here’s a great video on the subject

  1. Mountdog Softbox Lighting Kit 20×28


  1. Canvas backdrop
  2. Seamless Background Paper
  3. Outdoor scenery and natural light are always favorable, affordable options.

If you are recording indoors it is important to echo proof a room

  1. Moving or regular blankets work well for this
  2. Look for the room with the best natural light and the most amount of stuff (bed’s make great sound proofing items)
  3. Regular or mattress foam are also great affordable options

Another important factor to consider is that video files take up a lot of space on your harddrive (and can slow processing time when rendering). While you may not need one right away, you will eventually require an external hard drive. Check out this great video summarizing a few good options.

At ScaleUp Edge we understand the importance  of building your online persona though Vlogs. If you are looking for feedback on your creations or want a buddy to help you get started, let us know by filling out the Contact us form on this page.

We can’t wait to see what you come up with.

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