High Performance Experience (HpX) ScaleUp Membership Levels

Fastest Path, Least Effort, Most Impact

The Options below are for the ScaleUp Career HpX Membership Levels Only  

CEO / C-Suite (Team)

Designed for the CEO and the C-Suite to achieve optimal performance as a team.  The ScaleUp C-Suite evolves as the company grows.  Shorten the time to achieve optimal team performance.

  • Optimize Exec Team Meetings
  • Refine Vision and Strategy
  • Measure Progress
  • Prepare for Board
  • Improve Communication

Influencer (Executive)

Designed for the Executive to optimize performance within a ScaleUp C-Suite. Designed to broaden your skills and amplify your influence to achieve outcomes.

  • Own your Super Powers
  • Hone your Data-Driven Strategy
  • Amplify Communication Styles
  • Refine Executive Presence
  • Grow your Network

Custom Options (VC/PE)

The ScaleUp Edge Platform supports configurable access and levels, including a Portfolio or Groups of Company Membership level.

  • Develop a Private HpX Membership
  • Develop a Private Community
  • Request Network Introductions
  • One Time Access by Theme/ Topic
  • Co-Develop Custom Content

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