Promising Tips for a Powerful LinkedIn Profile



What does your LinkedIn profile say about you? Is the narrative for you or an external audience?

Have you ever heard the saying, “ a confused mind always says no”?  In the networking world and advancing your career at the higher levels, the weight of this applies at a greater scale.

Be direct. Ask yourself, is it clear how someone can help you? OR more importantly, how can you help them?

It is important to change your narrative by asking yourself the following questions.

Does your profile easily convey the following?

  1. Does it tell us what your ultimate career goal is?
  2. Is it obvious what next step you can make?
  3. Who specifically by title can help you?
  4. What pieces of information are helpful to #3 and how can you help them now, with what information?
  5. Who have you told about your ultimate career goals?
    • Tell it with full clarity
    • Often with a specific title and what stage of company reporting to X


Advancing your career is as simple as defining and executing on above. The plan is simple, it requires specificity. Your LinkedIn profile needs to hit the mark.

Looking for a peer group to give you insightful, helpful feedback on what’s the first impression of your profile? That’s where ScaleUp Edge comes in.

It’s also why we created the ScaleUp Edge Community.

We want to help you get the Edge you need to succeed beyond today’s goals. If you’re looking for a new role, trying to advance in your current company, or looking to hone your ScaleUp skills we are here for you.

For help connecting to a like-minded peer group or simply wanting to chat, tell us a little bit about how we can help here and the ScaleUp Edge team will be in touch with you.


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