Is my Scaleup ready for an investment?


Getting investment into your business is absolutely critical for rapid growth and scaling, but attempting to get investment before your business is ready can be damaging to the funding process as you may burn bridges.

The ScaleUp Edge platform provides access to proven resources and content to help get your business ready for investment, including guides and best practices. These resources are made even more useful by the community, providing a forum for you to discuss them further and gain even more value from this. Further to this, the ScaleUp Edge ecosystem provides access to experts who can help guide you to becoming investment ready.

Are You Pitching To Investors In A Way That Makes Them See Your Value?

Investment into yoru scaleup will and can take your company to the next growth stage level. Your potential investors need to understand the return and be clear on how they will achieve their expected return. Our ScaleUp Edge data-driven platform will allow you to bring the conversation to your potential investors to the understanding of how and when you are expected to achieve the results as it aligns with your strategy. You can also gain additional insights from scaleup mentors that have been successful at receiving funding.

Using ScaleUp Edge, you can get your business prepared and ready for investment, using our platform you will get access to tools, digital resources and the wider community to get your business in the best possible shape for investment.

How Can ScaleUp Edge Prepare My Company For Investors?

Even if your company is profitable, that does not mean investors are ready to work with you. In fact, a pitch deck that does not articulate how a plan will turn to a large return for the investor will likely be the last time that investor will be willing to speak with you. 

At ScaleUp Edge, our content and platform will:

  • Help build a pitch deck that focuses on what matters to investors
  • Help you understand the team/titles that investors want to see
  • Dive deep into your company’s projections to prepare you for challenging questions that an investor may ask during your presentation
ScaleUp Tip

While expertise and knowledge are crucial to achieving rapid growth, access to business capital is the fuel to achieving these goals.


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The ScaleUp Edge platform helps businesses and executives through their ecosystem by connecting members with industry experts, a community who can help share their experiences and proven content to help guide businesses.


Use the platform to access a wealth of content, on demand, at any time to better help you determine your best next steps to scaling your company to the next level.


Leverage the ScaleUp Edge ecosystem to help get further insight into the content from executives who have gone thorugh the scaleup process.


Partner with a mentor that offers industry-specific guidance and provides the critical input you need to undertake rapid growth.