Planning Season is Coming Soon. Are You Ready?


As Q3 comes to a close this month, here at ScaleUp Edge we find it useful to take a step back and reflect on the past year. Taking the time to look back on the year now can be helpful when doing annual planning in Q4, as there’s still some time to take initiative and push the company in the direction you’re headed.

2021 has been a hectic year for many. We are still in the midst of a pandemic, with economic highs and lows, and employee upheavals as the market shifts to a more remote workforce. For leaders of ScaleUps, we’ve recognized it can seem like there are so many balls in the air and it can be difficult to find the focus on what really matters.

But focus brings results, and the ability to hyperfocus your time as a ScaleUp leader can be revolutionary. Time is a ScaleUp’s most valuable resource and how you spend your time now, in these final months of the year, will have massive implications in your valuations next year and beyond. So how can you bring more focus to driving results for your ScaleUp?

Well we’ve been focusing ourselves these last few months at ScaleUp Edge on creating and providing a myriad of free tools online to help ScaleUp executives achieve their desired outcomes. Check out our template options today and start to prioritize your next few weeks to finish the year strong.

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