How to Tap Into Someone Else’s Network

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At its core, business is networking, building trust, and growing connections. Sometimes, in order to get there, you often have to get out of your comfort zone and tap into someone else’s network for an introduction.

With a lack of face to face meetings happening, these introductions are often happening virtually through email.

Does any of the following describe a network connection you are looking for help with?

  1. Are you applying for a new role and you know someone who is directly connected to the CEO or hiring team of the company?
  2. Are you looking to conduct some business development and you need an in at the company to collaborate with?
  3. Are you simply wishing to grow your network of XYZ type individuals?

If you find yourself wanting to ask someone for a business introduction, take a moment and think, how can you help facilitate the introduction and make it easier for the receiver?

Here are a few tips you should consider when asking for an introduction.

  1. Write the introduction for them so that they can easily forward (Recommended Reading – The Fundamentals of a Networking Email)
  2. Add a personal touch of content so that there is more incentive for the receiver to take the meeting (This might sound silly but make sure they know how much you really want to meet them)
  3. The subject line is the most crucial part – consider adding the name of your company or role and purpose of the email
  4. Include links to the company or your professional profile (i.e. LinkedIn)
    1. Bonus tip – if you are looking to make a connection, first make sure your LinkedIn Profile says how you can you help others recommended reading – Promising Tips for a Powerful LinkedIn Profile

When favors and business context is involved, it is always important to consider the needs of the recipient. Be conscious of their time and help them, help you make it efficient and fast.

Now go utilize your network to get that external introduction.

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