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No. ScaleUp Edge is an ecosystem of proven frameworks and learning tools focused on data driven analysis that speed up the growth stage from early stage company to a venture backed scaled company. When coupled our network of “been there, done that” mentors, less mistakes are made and your company is less likely to fail.

A ScaleUp company is a company going through a growth stage that occurs after product-market fit is reached. Now that product-market fit has been established a business leader may now wonder what is the quickest path to expand their addressable market, to prepare for board presentations, and raise investor capital.

After product-market fit, a company has many challenges if they wish to continue to grow. In order to expand, hiring must be strategic and be done in a way that propels the top-line forward and also appeals to board/investor needs. We have programs to partner new companies with leaders who have successfully navigated post-product-market fit challenges. 

In addition to the courses and toolkits available in our ecosystem, we have a network of mentors who have experience growing companies in specific industries. Learn more about how you can find a business mentor.

ScaleUp Edge is always open to hearing about partner opportunies. If you have an idea in mind, then please contact us to start a conversation.
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