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Every ScaleUp Executives dilemma is how to create unique content without time to write. Finding this is one of your daily challenges? You simply can’t do it all when you’re in scaleup.

Becoming an executive influencer will allow you to also leverage your network when you need it, to scale quicker. This network will be critical when you need help through those times, a different point of view or different approach, among other things.

What the heck is an Executive Influencer? – Recommended reading.

We’re sharing some tips and tricks to make it easier to share your unique knowledge. Now is the time to showcase your expertise and begin your content playbook.

After 2 year’s worth of trying to hire ghost writers, we found that the expert thoughts in your head simply can’t be translated.  We’re here to say, don’t give up. There are ways to get leverage. Your time is valuable and the knowledge you have is an important tool to help build your network.


Here are a few helpful hacks to finish the race to create content:

  1. Use a tool like . Link your technologies to it and record, then convert to text for easy transition into content. Talking can at times “quick start” your content development.
  2. Record sections of meetings (with permission – this is important) then, convert to text. Both Google and Zoom have record options.
  3. Record on Video Full Stop (versus writing). Make sure to also convert to text, for quicker translation into a blog or other type of content.
  4. Use tools like Grammarly and Hemingway to quickly edit your text.
  5. Hire someone like the Grammar Goddess to help you.
  6. Read stories like this one from Amy Portfield – 5 Ways to Create Binge Worthy Content.
  7. Form a buddies group, just like working out – you can help each other edit blogs. At ScaleUp Edge we will help pair you with a buddy if you are interested. Simply go to our Contact Us Page and indicate this in your message.
  8. AND last and but certainly NOT least, don’t let a good piece of work fall short, headlines matter – Use a free tool like to create a killer, high ranking SEO title.

In today’s world, one of the best ways to share your voice is through content creation. There is no better time to start than today to begin working on your content playbook and growth strategy.

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