Case Studies

Discover our customers success stories and see how ScaleUp Edge has transformed their personal brands, businesses or both.

A Canadian Company Raised Product Growth

Canadian province that needed a partner to help them diversity their industries focused on technology.  We pulled together a one-of-a-kind, year-long program that brought together a cohort of first time scaleup executives. In doing so, this company was able to take advantage of our global community and best practices and learning. 

As A Result: While still in the middle of the program a number of executives shared the value of bringing in global successful executives and best practices. As a result they are working through their challenges of moving to product led growth.

Community Growth
Product Growth

Global Content Operations Platform Company Doubled Their Growth

A global content operations platform company was growing in the single digits.  Their CEO reached out to focus on key investment options that aligned with her strategy.  

We worked side by side with their leadership team to provide them the tools, resources and strategic options aligned with their strategy.  

As A Result: They are now growing in double digits —within just six months.

Planning & strategy
Community Growth

A CEO Moved From The Enterprise To Start-Up World

A first time scaleup CEO moved from a very successful executive enterprise career looking for the extra ‘push’ focused on scaleup best practices.  Investors brought in the new CEO to bring new focus and strategy within a very hot security software industry.  

As A Result: Working side by side with his leadership team, they were able to pivot and reprioritize key initiatives with a strategy that the board was comfortable in investing multiple millions of dollars into the new strategy.

Planning & strategy
Investment Acquired

Incoming CEO Found Fast Alignment With His Board

Incoming CEO needed help with communications to his C-Suite & board. Through fractional chief of staff, CEO coaching & mentorship, and assistance hiring a virtual admin ScaleUp Edge helped build a strong board meeting cadence. 

As A Result: The team finished the board deck more than a week in advance, the CEO did a check-in with his board prior to the meeting, and the C-Suite team had two run-throughs of the materials to ensure a coordinated and smooth board meeting. The board deck was consistent with the CEO’s key narrative, leading to a succinct plan of action at the board meeting in the right strategic direction of the company.

Planning & strategy
C-Suite & Board Preparation

Transition to ScaleUp

Learn how leaders in ScaleUps function, critical skills to thrive in ScaleUp, and the vision & strategy to establish the foundation to become an executive within a successful ScaleUp company.