About Us

Every company has a story. This is ours.

ScaleUp Edge was incubated by ScaleLogix Ventures, a studio focused on improving outcomes for companies who have product-market fit, but are not quite certain how to grow from there. The ScaleUp Edge team is maniacally focused on sharing the logic behind the ScaleUp phase and to provide right-sized resources to help create value to all things ScaleUp.

Meet Our CEO

Meet the person who leads the success at ScaleUp Edge.

Hi, My Name is Jean Patrick

I am a strategic C-level executive who brings a breadth of knowledge from a variety of industries to build, scale and transform organizations from small to large public companies. I’m known as a goal-driven leader who is not afraid to take on hard initiatives, with proven success developing business strategies to drive growth and streamline processes. I leverage my extensive experience in strategy, operations, and client account management to transform under performing or failing businesses into profitable performers, accelerating automation and leading through significant change from startup to repeatable and scalable organizations.


Meet Our Experts

Meet our experts who deliver the business and executive success that our customers are so happy about

Shelley Perry
Advisor | Investor | Board Director

Shelley has helped us develop the content for several of the topics. She is also an avaialble resource on the community for both CEO’s and product executives.

Rob Hibbler
Chief of Staff

Rory helps manage the Product Pilot Program as a team member of ScaleUp Edge. She works with content experts in the mentor network to curate content and develop it for use of the associates in the program.

Kevin Broom
Growth Stage Advisor

Kevin has helped develop content for the Financial Speak Topic and has presented to the associates multiple times. He also has met with CEOs from the program individually for further advising.

rosalee gordon scaleup edge
Rosalee Gordon
Chief Product Officer

Rosalee is incredibly active in the community for associates & CEOs. She is the ‘in-house product mentor’ and is always available to work one-on-one with associates to take the content to a deeper level.

Andrea (Cannon) Thompson
CMO Advisor
Self-motivated individual who collaborates well with others. Excellent communication, problem solving, and computing skills.
Dimitra Retsina
Fractional CPO

Dimitra has helped develop content for the Data-Driven product operations topic and will be presenting to the associates this year during the live session.

Why Join ScaleUp Edge?

The ScaleUp Edge platform helps businesses and executives through their ecosystem by connecting members with industry experts, a community who can help share their experiences and proven content to help guide businesses.


Use the platform to access a wealth of content, on demand, at any time to better help you determine your best next steps to scaling your company to the next level.


Leverage the ScaleUp Edge ecosystem to help get further insight into the content from executives who have gone thorugh the scaleup process.


Partner with a mentor that offers industry-specific guidance and provides the critical input you need to undertake rapid growth.