7 Traits of a ScaleUp Executive Influencer

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7 Traits-Exec-Influencer

Ha Nguyen has ScaleUp Executive Presence. So does Elizabeth Soloman.

What do they have in common?

Their influencer status. And these ScaleUp Executive Influencer traits.

ScaleUp Executive Influencers know the power of their influence and how it can help make their day to day operations easier as well as achieve their long term goals.

ScaleUp Executive Influencers know what needs to be done in order to motivate, connect and grow.

There are seven traits of those with strong ScaleUp Executive presence. The good news? You don’t have to be the most gregarious person in the room or ‘brag’ about yourself to demonstrate this kind of presence.


Understanding others is an essential and important part of being an Executive Influencer. You have to understand who your target audience is and use words that will resonate with them. The ability to recognize how or why this resonates with others is also key.


ScaleUp Executive Influencers understand that they are stronger because of the connections in their network and just when to utilize that power. It is critical when connecting with others that you understand their why, their challenges, and what motivates them.


Even the most introverted people must have the ability to draw others to them. Even the most extroverted SEI’s understand when they need to just listen. It is important to make others feel that they matter to you, because they do and you understand what that means to your success journey.


There is a key difference between being confident and being arrogant. There was a time you were not an expert in your field. As a ScaleUp Executive Influencer, you are out to help those who can benefit from your stories and your experiences. Share these stories, tell others your unique story and what it takes to get there. Show them that there is a path to be ‘you’.


Content is the best showcase of your influencer status. Whether it’s through blogs, vlogs, e-books, etc. Sharing content is your opportunity for others to learn from your experiences and stories. You can create never before shared hacks to help others in your field, especially in the ScaleUp stage of growth where little resources exist.


The ability to communicate clearly is fundamental. You need to command and compel others at the same time.


Is your content straightforward and to the point? Are your points validated and your message clearly delivered?

ScaleUp Executive Influencer status is within your reach. The best place to start? Share your knowledge and ideas. There is a reason you are an expert in your field. Let others know-how by using these seven Executive influencer traits.

How to do I become a ScaleUp Executive Influencer? Check out this amazing influencer movement membership here.

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