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ScaleUp Edge Benefits

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Exclusive Focus ScaleUp Stage

The ScaleUp Stage of growth differs from Startup and Scaled Enterprise, it has unique challenges and needs.  There is limited knowledge share at this stage.  

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Optimize Performance

Designed to measure and increase performance. Focus on continual improvement and impact unique to your ScaleUp Journey. 

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Grow your Network

Developing an ecosystem is a critical component of growth.  Growing your network helps with recruiting, sales, partnerships, funding, and exits.   

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On-Demand When you Need It

As a ScaleUp Exec, your time is valuable and change is a constant.  HpX is designed for on-demand access across the globe.  

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Influencer Content Strategy

The ScaleUp Edge platform has a proprietary platform to help experienced executives create, consume, and disseminate content in a scalable way. 

A few Edgemonials

"The ScaleUp Edge HpX Executive Membership helped me to amplify my executive brand and influence that resulted in a high rate of inbound interest for unadvertised CPO Roles. It helped me to sharpen critical C-Level skills relevant to the ScaleUp Stage not available elsewhere. I strongly recommend this to anyone looking to break into their first C-Suite role in a ScaleUp Stage Company."​
Laura Marino ​
Chief Product Officer
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The ScaleUp Edge community is full of ScaleUp experts from various industries and geographies that were willing to answer any questions I had. It was especially helpful to me as I prepared to interview for new roles in ScaleUp Companies, an emerging stage of business in the UK. With their support, guidance and responsiveness, I landed my next great role to continue my journey in the scaleup world and find my edge.
Chris Bond
Head of Operations/Assistant COO
I was looking for a platform to share my experience that would have greater scale than 1:1 Coaching. I also have the ability to interact first hand with ScaleUp Executives when they have specific questions in a way that works for my own and others styles. The interactions allow me to make network connections with confidence, as I know they will utilize the network connection in a way that is beneficial to both parties.
Shelley Perry
Investor, Advisor

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